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Sign programs

Sign Programs

Sign programs are a necessity when building a new center. Not only will the occupants need it, but the city will also require that a master sign program is in place before any signs are erected. Once a sign program has been created and is on file with the city, the city will enforce the sign program for you.

A good sign program will let the tenant have freedom, but will insure that the signs are built to code and maintain continuity with the look of the center. Nothing looks worse than a tenant with a budget sign that is half falling off the wall. It hurts the whole center.

The sign program is yours. We will custom create the master sign program according to your needs. We will determine how much sign is appropriate, what colors are acceptable, what types of signs would look nice, even how soon they need to be installed after a tenant signs a lease.

Sign programs protect your investment. When tenants have a sign program to follow, it insures that the building is safe. Signs are high voltage and if not properly installed, can cause a fire. The sign program will insure that your lessee uses a UL approved, licensed and bonded sign professional.

If you would like to speak with us about a custom sign program for you center, give us a call 626.967.3494 or send us an email.

The Creative Sign Company is fully licensed, bonded and insured.