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Go Green

Going green is the way of the future. Going green means you are helping to save energy and doing your part to keep our planet from global climate changes. You can do your part by illuminating your sign with low voltage LED lighting or converting your existing sign from neon to LED lighting. You will SAVE MONEY in energy bills and costly neon sign repair. Give your customers a tip, let them know you are going GREEN. They will appreciate your concern and know that you are doing your part to Leave the planet Greener for our children.

We can convert you neon sign to LED. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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Neon vs. LED Power Consumption Chart
  Neon LED
Power Usage per foot 20 watts 1.2 watts
Nominal Installation 100 100
x Power Consumption 20 watts 1.2 watts
= Total 2.000 watts 120 watts
x 12 hours per day 24,000 watts 1,440 watts
x 365 Days per year 8,760,000 525,600
/ 1000 = annual kilowatt hour 8,760 525.6
x Cost per kilowatt hour $.15 $.15
Total annual energy cost $1,314 $78.84
Savings over neon N/A 94%