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Toyota Channel Letters in LA
standard channel letter

Neon & LED Channel Letter Signs

Standard Channel Letter signs are individually formed metal letters with internal illumination. They can be made in any color, constructed from steel or aluminum. An acrylic sign face is placed over the metal letter to enclose the sign. Neon or LED's can be used to light the letters, we personally recomend LED. Our LED Channel Letters come with a 5 year warrranty. Neon Channel Letters come with a 3 year warrranty.

reverse channel letter image in Los Angeles
reverse channel letter

Reverse Channel Letter Signs have a very rich look. Theses illuminated letters are fabricated from aluminum. The light is cast onto the wall giving the letter a Halo effect. These illuminated letters have a clear acylic cover on the back, which keeps out the birds and other pests. These can also use neon or LED's for a light source. Commonly called "Halo Letters."

dual illumination channel letter image
dual illumination letter

Dual Illumination Channel Letter Signs are a combination of both types of illuminated letters listed above. They to are fabricated using aluminum and have an acrylic face on front as well as a clear cover on the back. These illuminated letters light from the front as well they also glow out the back. One benefit of these letters is that you can have two different colors of light. For example, a Blue face, with White halo as shown to the left. Typically this type of illuminated letter is only available in neon, however we are currently developing an LED system for them.

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