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Pole Signs | Freestanding Signs

Pole Signs are outdoor signs that are mounted to a pole or freestanding structure that are generaly higher than 10' and as tall as 100'. Freestanding sign structures like these are used to identify individual occupants, or shopping centers and generally illuminate. Our Pole Sign structures are beautifully designed to match the motif of the buildings or center. These illuminated signs can also identify several tenants on the same sign, as all of our pole signs are custom built for each client. They can incorporate channel letters, a plastic sign face, or even a full color LED message display. Led display signs can be used to convey special events to customers or even show color photos of product.

All of our Freestanding Pole Signs and Metal Signs come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty protection plan. Compare that to other sign company warranties for outdoor signs.

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*Pole signs are also commonly known as Pylon Signs.

The Creative Sign Company is fully licensed, bonded and insured.